Our Services

Global Content Distribution

Distributing a diverse array of movies and TV series sourced from around the world.

Local Production Distribution Assistance

Supporting local production firms in the distribution of their Malaysian movies and TV series.

Content Sourcing

Curating content tailored to your preferences and desires, ensuring a personalized viewing experience.

Content Localisation

Providing subbing and dubbing services to enhance accessibility and enjoyment of international content.

Film Production Consultancy

Expert consultancy for film production, especially within the Malaysian landscape, offering insights into shooting and production in Malaysia.

Talent Management and Search

Nurturing and managing talent, ensuring a vibrant and thriving entertainment industry.

Live Events, Concerts, and Award Shows

Offering consultancy on rights, telecasting, and rights management for live events, concerts, and award shows.

Upcoming Film Production

Exciting new ventures in film production, expanding our portfolio to bring captivating stories to life.

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